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January 19, 2018


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Gary Kidd

How much to have stem cell therapy performed, I have brussels griffon, 13 years old that suddenly lost sight.

Nicholas J. Millichamp

Hi. Dr. Garner: I have had various clients ask me about your new stem cell therapy for SARDs and I need to be able to point them in the right direction regarding published studies on efficacy which presumably I have missed in recent literature reviews. If you can send me titles of the relevant publications I would be very grateful, Nick Millichamp.

Nicholas J. Millichamp, BVetMed, PhD, DVOphthal, DipECVO, MRCVS
Diplomate American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

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Houston Office:
17395 Tomball Parkway #3-H
Houston, TX 77064

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Melinda Wharton

Good afternoon Mr Kidd,
I'm sorry for missing your question until just now. The cost eye injections are approximately $750 apiece. Please call us for a stem cell consultation and ask to speak with Dr Garner. Safari Veterinary Care Centers 281-332-5612

Catherine Lugo

What is the success rate?

Lee Green

Please can you help me.. I have a 9 year old Jack Russell bitch.. she has been diagnosed with PRA and secondary cataracts
I have been told she has lost her sight .. her right eye is very cloudy but her left eye she Still has vision if a little sporadic, which is imminent.
I live in the UK.. Bella Boo is an amazing little girl, I’ve had her since 5 weeks old and she literally is my life. Although people are kindly telling me she will adjust or cope well but if there is a slightest chance I can get her treatment if only to save her better eye, I need to search every avenue
She is a young 9 year old, a complete ball-o-hollic, a loving gentle doglet who everyone she comes into contact with absolutely love her not as much as me though..
she has her moments of sadness and it’s breaking my heart - for her
Please if there is any information you can offer me I’m literally begging you for any help
Kindest regards

Melinda Wharton

Mr Green -
I'm just now seeing your inquiry; I apologize. I'm sorry your baby is in this position. Both PRA and SARDS are sneaky, unforgiving diseases.
Unfortunately, stem cells cannot return lost sight; they can really only preserve remaining vision. The complicating factor, then, is that it must be caught very early on to be effective, and as you know it is difficult to determine that your pet is losing their vision.
We always wish we could help them all, but sometimes we just cannot. Best wishes to you and Bella Boo. Take care

Christina Hignight

Dr. Garner,

I have a 9 year old female Dachshund Mix and she was recently diagnosed with Bilateral Immature Cataracts and Suspect Progressive Retinal Atrophy. After reading what you have stated about Stem Cell I am wondering if this could be an option for my dog? If so can I bring her in for an evaluation? Can you let me know what you would charge for a diagnosis as well? Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible.

Jeanine Collins

Hello Lee Green,

I am in the same situation with my 10 year old English Cocker Spaniel, Zippy. He too has cataracts with PRA. There is no sight in the right eye, reduced vision in the left, but seems to have intermittent sight at times in the left eye.

Like you, I am feeling heartbroken for my sweet boy who loves to chase balls and go for walks. Lately, he seems to be sleeping much, much more than normal and he has taken to licking his front paws even though he does not have allergies, nor any sores whatsoever on his paws.
I think it must be because he is depressed and doesn’t understand what is happening to his world.

Anyway, I just want you to know that you are not alone in the sadness you are feeling.

Warmest Regards,


Kerry Runions

Hi I have a 4 year old female dachshund. She has not been diagnosed with SARDS but I am pretty certain this might be what she has. All of a sudden about 3 or 4 months ago she gained so much weight and acts like she is absolutely starving. We hadn’t changed dog food or anything associated with her eating. I have had her to multiple veterinarians to try to find out why she has all of a sudden gained so much weight. They cannot find anything medically wrong with her. So we put her on prescription dog food for her weight to see if that would help. Now just this past week we have noticed she is bumping into things. Tripping up steps and other things. We think she is blind now. I did some research and think she might have SARDS. What would be my next step in treating her?


I have a 16 week old Labrador who has had genetic testing to confirm they have positive PRA. Is this treatable by stem cell. They have no symptoms yet that I can tell. I live in Australia.

Shadzi Williams

Dear Doctor Garner,

My ShihTzu who is male and 13 years old has been diagnosed with PRA and very early stages of cataracts. He is very very healthy and has no major heath issues. However, he is deaf in both ears. Because he has already lost his hearing, I like to save his eyesight if possible. Do you think Stem Cell therapy would help him ? What if he has the cataract surgery first and after he recovers we start him on stem cell therapy? He is my therapy dog and I am extremely distraught that he is losing his eyesight. He is healthy energetic and full of life. I don't want him to live in darkness.

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