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January 13, 2017


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Krys Bearden

What is the price range for stem cell therapy for arthritis? How long does it take (hours, days, weeks) since we are from out of town? Our vet at one time thought our 14 yr. old Dachshund had IVDD because he was limping or not using his front leg. Today he said he is in excellent condition except for arthritis. We want to do what is best for our little man!
Thank you for your time & information!

Melinda Wharton

My sincerest apologies, Ms. Bearden; I just now saw your question as I was updating the blog. Hopefully you will see this now.
The stem cells will be $500, will an additional $500 for rehab, including electro-stimulation, acupuncture, Pilates work, and underwater treadmill. Since you are from out of town, you can leave your dog with us, or you can take him with you to get rehab closer to home.
The cells can be administered the day you arrive or the following morning. If you leave him with us, he would then begin rehab therapy the next day.
If you'd like to call, we'd be happy to tell you more about the process. Our number is 281-332-5612, Safari Veterinary Care Centers, League City, TX.
Again, I apologize for missing your question.
Melinda Wharton

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